We are an Unschooling family from sunny Perth, in Western Australia. Having taken our son out of his traditional school at age 6, we have gradually moved from “school at home”, to (what most would call) an “eclectic” style, and finally, in November 2016 (age 8.5), we began Unschooling.

The path we have taken to get here is what I’d like to share. Our movement from an authoritative parenting style, to one of respect, from holding steadfastly to the ways we as parents were raised, to finding our own voices and following our intuition. We’ve stumbled over many blocks (and even our own feet at times), to come to a place where we are beginning to see the very real benefits of this Unschooling life. I’m certain that there will be many more kinks in our road, but we’d never go back.

I hope that you will join us on this journey, because for all the ups and downs, on this side, the grass is indeed greener…