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Reading list

Peter Gray – Free to Learn

Sandra Dodd – Big Book of Unschooling

Marie Kondo – Spark Joy

Joshua Fields Milburn & Ryan Nicodemus – Everything That Remains

John Taylor Gatto – Dumbing Us Down

John Holt – Teach Your Own

John Holt – How Children Learn

Pam Laricchia – Free to Learn

Alfie Kohn – Punished by Rewards

Dale J. Stephens – Hacking Your Education



Sandra Dodd –

Living Joyfully –

Beverley Paine –

The Minimalists –


Radical Unschooling Info –

Whole Life Unschooling –

Gifted Unschooling –



Exploring Unschooling –

The Unschooling Life –

Zen Parenting –

The Minimalists –

Organize Mindfully –